Music T-Shirts created by a musician for musicians, with designs for just about every instrument!

Musicians care about quality and the environment, so all our T-Shirts have a 100% policy:

*100% Cotton T-Shirt or *100% Recycled fabric (60% recycled Cotton / 40% recycled polyester) in our recycled T-Shirt range.

Every design is original and unique to the store. We don't do on-sell from 3rd parties / Drop-ship. We custom fabricate every single item just for you!

Our musician T-Shirts are super comfy, with all designs available in multiple colours, to show the world how important your instrument and music is.

We have plenty of music humour too. Funny music T-Shirts are the perfect gift for your musician friends.

And our coffee mugs are waiting to be filled with your favourite morning hot drink.

If you are a musician, or support music creators, then this is your store.

Serving the music community of planet Earth.

An exclusive music T-Shirt catalog that covers all music creators & music lovers

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We are commited to 100% Quality T-Shirts

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Lord Of The Instruments T-Shirt Collection
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Instrumentalist Music T-Shirt Catalog