About us

We are a store for the community of musicians and music lovers around the world.

Our commitment is to provide quality 100% cotton T-Shirts, with original designs unique to this store, representing all musicians, music production crew, and, friends who support and appreciate the music community around the world. 


What inspired the creation of  the Music Matters Store?

My name is Fernando and my passion is Music. And Music T-Shirts, Live Music T-Shirts, and any apparel that supports music are what this store is all about.

My passion for performing music started over 35 years ago at age 8.
I love Music & everything about it. I'm passionate about performing, using technology to enhance performances, live looping, creating audio-visual art through music videos, and sharing my knowledge through Youtube tutorials about music tech, music theory, performance & making music videos. You can find me under "F Key Piano Man." 

In 2020 as Covid -19 hit, I was suddenly unable to perform. And turned my creativity to making videos about music.
Just like all other musicians worldwide, I felt it more important than ever to express my love for my instrument and music.

I wanted apparel that shouted out what I felt. But struggled to find any!
So I started creating my own designs, and continue designing apparel, not only for myself, but my musician friends, and all musicians around the world. Creating apparel, and accessories that represent their chosen instrument and love for music.

My goal is to build the worlds greatest musician apparel store, with clothing that represents every single musician and their instrument.
From the Accordion to the Xylophone, a catalog of designs to represent all instruments. Something for every musician to wear out and about, amplifying the importance of music and art to this world.