SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Environment & Modern Slavery policy


Most musicians care greatly about the environment,
And may not know these facts about the fashion industry:
  • The fashion industry leaves a huge footprint on our planet. Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry ends up in landfill!
  • One in 5 garments reaches landfill without being worn once.
  • Transportation worldwide accounts for roughly 25% of CO2 emissions. Shipping T-shirts & accessories around the world plays a part of that number. 

 Which is why, here at the Music Matters Store, we operate a "Made to Order" model, which helps minimize our environmental footprint in 5 ways.

  1. We only make your products once you have confirmed your order. Only then is your T-shirt / Accessory made within 2 - 7 business days (On average of 72 hours) and packaged for shipping. This mean zero stock waste.
  2. Our products are manufactured in the fulfilment centre closest to you. Around 78% of all orders are fulfilled in the same region you are. Reducing transport costs while reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.
  3. The number one environmental risk factor in textiles is water pollution. Traditional textile processing pollutes 20% of the earth's precious water sources. Our waterless inkjet printing method coats, prints and finishes the fabric using zero waste water. And removes the need for pre-treatments, steaming and washing. 
  4. Digital textile printing is a green technology which produces no pollutants, toxic fumes or waste effluent. We use high quality, water-based vegan inks. All our inks are non-hazardous, toxin-free, biodegradable, are GOTS verified, and come with an "OEKO-TEX Eco Passport" piece of mind.
  5. We have introduced a 100% recycled shirt, available in limited designs. This Unisex Recycled T-Shirt is made from 60% recycled cotton & 40% recycled polyester. And it's just as comfy as our 100% cotton Tees.
We are always looking at ways to reduce our footprint on the planet, and continue to look for ways to treat our planet better.




We only deal with suppliers who have policies in place to combat Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking. 

For example, our T-Shirt fabricator requires their materials providers to sign an Anti-slavery or Forced labor certificate acknowledging that the supplier as well as its subcontractors will comply with all applicable laws that prohibit slavery and human trafficking. They also have a Supplier Code of Conduct that intends to set forth our standards and expectations with respect to key areas of corporate responsibility, including a requirement for their suppliers not to support forced labor and not to collaborate with organizations that use illegal employment practices.